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Our Story


This last season, we put a down payment on a Wolf 220 harvester and Wolf dryer all supplied by PPUH Agro.  Crooked Yard Hops will be the first farm in Montana to own a Wolf of this size and will continue to be the largest hop farming operation in the state!

Spring 2019 will also see a 4 acre expansion of our production as well as some updating of our pelletizing capabilities to continue to offer the hiqhest quality Farm Fresh pellets!  

Crooked Yard Hops always goes DIRECTLY from the field, to the dryer, to pellets, to the freezer!  We offer uniquely low heat dried pellets meaning more conserved oils and a fresher flavor.

Let us help you make your next brew your best brew! Contact us for T90 Pellet availability and Fresh Hop Pre-Orders today!

Where we Started


From a humble start....


Our construction of the original 1 acre test plot back in 2014 had us waist deep in mud and muck, with the field looking like a scene out of a WWI movie. (Construction pictured above).   The tractor was flinging clods, we were slinging mudballs at each other, and the rain never once stopped coming down.  But over the course of 3 days, we got all 212 posts pounded into the ground.  However, the field was crazy rocky.  9/10 posts would hit a rock and sudden go crooked, making the yard zigzag across the field.


And Crooked Yard Hops was born.....

Where we are now...
Though we had a rocky start, thanks to a grant from the Montana Department of Agriculture, and the continued support of our local brewing community, it has allowed us to grow from a back yard hobby field into 3 separate commercial sized fields, totaling 17 acres with more expansion on the way.  
With Cascade, Magnum, Centennial, Galena, Brewers Gold, and Cashmere currently in production, Crooked Yard seeks to meet the demands of brewers today and tomorrow!  We love working with breweries of all sizes and hope to continue to grow this industry in Montana we hold so dear.  Cheers!
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